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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tough Love

What is tough love and what does it mean to you? I know for me it is a difficult subject but one that we all may encounter in our lives because it is not a perfect world. I have a friend who is a drug addict and has been fighting the habit for most of his adult life. I have tried to be there and found that it is a challenging roll to play because when you are dealing with an addiction you are trusting the drugs and not the person who is on the drugs. In my book I tell a story about the mama bird who pushes the baby birds out of the nest. As the baby bird starts to fall she instinctively starts to fly! This is the proudest time of the mama birds life and at the same time it was the most difficult time! Tough love is what the mama bird inherantly has to do in order for the babies to live in the big ol' sky and sometimes it is what friends must do for friends to survive in this big ol' world we live in. 
If you have a drug addiction it is important to find out what it is that is bothering you enough to turn to those drugs as a temporary fix and find the solution to the situations in your life, then fix them! If everyone seems to have lost trust in your word due to lies you have told then start being honest with yourself. The trust will be re-gained once you trust in yourself. The only person that you will be with for your entire life is yourself so you better like yourself! Enjoy the day reminding yourself that as long as you do better today than you did yesterday then you are heading down a good path in life. Never be afraid to ask for help because there are many who will love to help you because they love you and because they may have even been in your same situation or shoes at one time or another.
Let's make this a good day!      

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