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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A great friend of mine inspires me with his poetry

Take a moment to read this deep poem, if you like it - follow his link at the end and let him know!

My Time

As I walk through the fields
The light dims to a distance
Far from the past

I see the branches blown by the wind
Creaking like an old door
Waiting to fall from the hinge
From rusted screws

I walk past an old cemetery
And feel the ground move below
Telling me to watch where I step
As if I might step into a dark place

With faces watching,
I tumble down a steep hill
A giant oak tree breaks my fall.

I notice a tombstone
The writing faded out
Like the pages from an old book

I look and I see something
Written on the face.
To my disbelief,
My eyes straining to the sight,
As my mind utters in thought...

Is that my name and birthdate?
Written in stone??

I look towards the stone again,
Looking for the date that comes at the end,
But nothing but a blank stone stares back

Why am I here
Why does this stone take my name?
Where is the final date?

A face stares at me from the distance and says
You should take the walk that you started on
And not look back,
The final date will beckon you.

When you have taken your last step,
The last step of the journey
That you are destined for,
Your feet will walk no more.   

C. Nastu

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