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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Being Classy!

I met a woman in Manhattan last night at a lounge who actually teaches a class to entry level business positions to act classy. She told me that you need to “fake it til you make it and that being classy has everything to do with our talk and not actions.” She said that a successful business person needs to appear stronger and more confident than their co-workers and that the co-workers occasionally need to be reminded that you are better than them! I felt like running from this woman but I kept listening because she was so sincere in her speech. She continued on to tell me that I should get into a habit of telling every third guest who comes into my home to please wipe their shoes on the mat because this will bring the guest and anyone who hears you to know that you are in charge! This is when I politely walked away from her and did end up running from her. That type of training is truly non-sense, made up power and illusions of wealth don’t make you classy. Our actions will always speak louder than our words when we make everyone around us feel more comfortable because we truly care. We will be much classier because we know that we are all going to be better off when we treat each other with the respect we all need and deserve.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


No person is perfect, we all have flaws and when we point out other people’s flaws we are just distracting ourselves from our own. I have found jealousy will always turn into hate and low self-esteem often causes’ us to notice flaws and to gossip about others in order to boost our feelings about ourselves. When you are around someone who is gossiping it is always best to remain silent and not even nod your head in agreement because this will only encourage the behavior. I try to remember that the criticisms speak more about the person telling them than the victim who is not even present to defend themselves. A wise man once told me that there is good and bad in everyone and to just try to illuminate the good. This may not be easy at times and it may take practice but it is a habit worth every minute of its effort

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Learning from Anger

We all have been deceived by peoples mean spirited motives and feel used. We may even feel like getting even or settling the score, but let me tell you from experience, it is never worth it. We should not attempt to stoop to the mean spirited persons’ level to feel a few minutes of satisfaction because we will always have to live with our actions. I have learned at a really young age is that the only person who is always going to be there with me at all times is me, but I want to be able to lay my head down on my pillow at night knowing that I did well that day. We learn a lot about ourselves and others when we are under pressure, filled with stress, and in heated situations. We learn that we may have a temper, we may get scared, we may become defensive, or we may overcome that stress from the strength we have from within, from our inner love and the love we have for others. We are all connected by that love and anger will only make the situation more difficult.

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