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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Being Classy!

I met a woman in Manhattan last night at a lounge who actually teaches a class to entry level business positions to act classy. She told me that you need to “fake it til you make it and that being classy has everything to do with our talk and not actions.” She said that a successful business person needs to appear stronger and more confident than their co-workers and that the co-workers occasionally need to be reminded that you are better than them! I felt like running from this woman but I kept listening because she was so sincere in her speech. She continued on to tell me that I should get into a habit of telling every third guest who comes into my home to please wipe their shoes on the mat because this will bring the guest and anyone who hears you to know that you are in charge! This is when I politely walked away from her and did end up running from her. That type of training is truly non-sense, made up power and illusions of wealth don’t make you classy. Our actions will always speak louder than our words when we make everyone around us feel more comfortable because we truly care. We will be much classier because we know that we are all going to be better off when we treat each other with the respect we all need and deserve.


  1. This is a very good post and I couldn't agree more. Dominance over someone isn't classy at all!

  2. That's crazy!
    Although, it totally reminded me of a woman I knew years ago. She was gorgeous, well spoken, physically fit, confident and well dressed. I'm sure most people who walked away after talking to her for the first time would call her "classy." She was classy on the exterior. However, after getting to know her, I was shocked. She was a dishonest in so many ways. She cheated on her husband frequently, stole from people at work and bragged about all of the things she "had" even after filing bankrupt.
    Maybe, class, is overrated ;)


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