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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Laugh at yourself...

What is really funny about life is that we forget how to live sometimes. We get caught up in the everyday drama, the mistakes, the rumors, and the stresses that we create for ourselves. We forget to laugh at the obvious laughable situations; I dropped my coffee as I was getting into the car this morning, it splashed up and hit me in the face. At first I was in shock then I laughed because I knew I should have made two trips instead of carrying a coffee by my teeth! Laughing at ourselves and situations we get ourselves into will have a positive effect on our daily lives, health, and our surroundings. Laughter causes our endorphins to be released instantly, which makes for a fun day!

Try to look at every situation that you may get yourself into in a way that a film maker would look at a situation who is making a comidy. Look at Sienfeld, that is exactly what Larry David did in every scene and show! Enjoy the uneasy moments of your day, the traffic, the rude co-worker, the radio that shuts off in the car when you go over a bump (Happy Days loved the broken juke box)! Laughing at these oddities and enjoying the beautiful day will be an instant anxiety reliever that will make for a funnier life! So get out there and laugh...      

Cartoons with a positive message! I do this when I am bored (wierd)

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