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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Don't get stuck in the mud!

We need to remember that the emotions that we feel will determine our overall health and we must forgive and forget at all costs. Revenge, hatred, and negative vibes will create health situations and in turn those emotions will ultimately hurt us. Our sub-conscience thoughts create all of our life energies whether good or bad, it is our choice which one we choose. Dim thoughts filled with anger will harden our souls, while a brightly lit heart will help us to find our way to happiness. Don’t let other peoples actions grow like weeds in our thoughts getting ourselves stuck in the mud with them. Always keep in mind those negative thoughts create negative results, such as headaches. Headaches are our souls way of telling us to just let the little things go and to pick our battles and to not let other peoples dark thoughts to live in our heads rent free, just kick them out and make room for happiness! It took me many years to realize that we need to take care of ourselves first. Otherwise, we won’t have the energy needed to take care of the ones we love that may need it. This is a difficult thing for me to even write because it may mean having to say “no” to someone who we love at times in order for us to avoid headaches and to feel better ourselves. Sometimes spreading ourselves to thin and being exhausted will back fire on us. Don’t worry about others rewarding us, for life will reward us as goodness will always find itself! So the secret to living headache free is to think happily, avoid negativity, stay alert, keep the light on for laughter because the light will always overpower the darkness.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Getting to know ourselves!

So often our thoughts are on unimportant things. We don't center them on the good or the Light of Love which is our greatest need in this life. We sometimes try to focus on the Light or on doing only good for a few moments, but then our thoughts go back to the useless distractions of everyday life such as gossup, the negative things surrounding us, or even on hate. As a result we rarely get a good look at ourselves and our actions. We hardly know our real worth because we take so little notice of our desires, motives, and intentions. Because of this we become blind to what is going on in our own hearts. Our motives are often selfish instead of self-less and our external actions are not good. A pure heart creates a good life, but with a selfish heart comes a life filled with sadness and loneliness. We need to control our selfish natures so that our difficulties will gradually vanish. We will always make mistakes, but if we root out even one fault each year we would soon become much more happier and at peace! To live a better life we must see and admit what our faults are and proceed to improve and change them for the better. If we get rid of a fualt and replace it with a smile and a kind word we will be surrounded by lot's of happiness, joy, and Love! Have a fun week, Mike Keller

Thursday, May 13, 2010


There is a story about the seven years of plenty during the Egyptians time under Joseph where they stored up a huge amount of harvest for seven years. These years were called the seven fat years because the following seven years were a time of scarcity and drought known as the seven skinny years. Imagine the people who stored nothing and just kept getting fatter and enjoying only the day, I would bet they felt a lot of remorse and regrets! This story should remind us to enjoy the fat years and to always keep the future in mind as-well. We should always think about our actions and never get greedy for the day because todays pleasures will soon be just a memory and tomorrow will be today. When we have plenty we tend to take it for granted and sometimes even expect it but we tend to learn the most when we end up in the skinny years! God has given us plenty and has also given us free-will which is one of his best gifts to us. Free-will is what seperates the good from the evil. Evil will always be filled with misery and try to pass that misery on to others but, the good are filled with light and the light can never be dimmed by darkness. I try to always remember that those tempations from the fat years now give me the opportunity to overcome situations and increase my personal merits. We have our own ways of sharing with others, some may share with money while others share with laughter, songs, smiles, and love. Today is the perfect day to start making it a habit to share those gifts (yes, hugs are one of those gifts!) everyday unconditionally, without expecting anything in return. Unconditional love and giving is one of the best ways to living a great life here on this earth and in the next! Have a fun week, Mike

Friday, May 7, 2010

America is great because we are a "melting pot"

My brother Vinny has been finding out about our family tree the past couple of months and I am amazed at the information that he has been finding. He found that on my Mom's side of the family we are French Canadian. On our Dad's side we are Irish from his Dad and Hungarian from his Mom (our grandparents). He is still researching and who knows what else he will find... We are happy Americans who love everyone and are proud of our history, but at the same time know that as time goes on and families grow so does that tree! We may have different family trees and come from all over the world but we are all family. We are all here on this rather small world (compared to the universe) with one goal in mind and that goal is to live a happy and healthy life. Together we can learn from each others family trees and have a perfect family forest together. We need to stop judging each other because of our skin color, accents, beliefs, and hair styles. Inside each of us is our own soul that is filled with Love and not an empty darkness of hatred. I am proud to be part of such a great melting pot of happiness. Don't forget to give an extra hug today!!

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