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Friday, May 21, 2010

Getting to know ourselves!

So often our thoughts are on unimportant things. We don't center them on the good or the Light of Love which is our greatest need in this life. We sometimes try to focus on the Light or on doing only good for a few moments, but then our thoughts go back to the useless distractions of everyday life such as gossup, the negative things surrounding us, or even on hate. As a result we rarely get a good look at ourselves and our actions. We hardly know our real worth because we take so little notice of our desires, motives, and intentions. Because of this we become blind to what is going on in our own hearts. Our motives are often selfish instead of self-less and our external actions are not good. A pure heart creates a good life, but with a selfish heart comes a life filled with sadness and loneliness. We need to control our selfish natures so that our difficulties will gradually vanish. We will always make mistakes, but if we root out even one fault each year we would soon become much more happier and at peace! To live a better life we must see and admit what our faults are and proceed to improve and change them for the better. If we get rid of a fualt and replace it with a smile and a kind word we will be surrounded by lot's of happiness, joy, and Love! Have a fun week, Mike Keller

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