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Monday, October 12, 2009

Vacation and stress...

I am on vacation this week doing some work around the house, spending time with my family, marketing the book, and helping my room-mate pack his stuff to his new house. I have been feeling a little stressed lately and forgot that stress is what gives us wrinkles, weak hearts, and anxiety. We need to slow down once in a while and remember that stress is the bodies way of telling us to take a deap breath, slow down, laugh, and love. Most problems are built up in our own heads and are mostly illusions. This vacation reminded me of that and that life really does go by like a fart in the wind! So we should all take that deap breath of fresh air and blow out the stress! Have fun..  


  1. This is SO true Michael. Stress, sickness, and all negative emotions are stop signs provided by nature. We must listen. Take a deep breath, step back, and enjoy the ride while you can.

  2. You're right Michael. Most of the stuff we worry about and stress over never happens anyway.

    Take it easy and relax on your vacation and then you'll be all refreshed to start all over again.

  3. I think this is good advice. Most of what gets me down, is actually negative thoughts inside my head.


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