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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Turn on the Light of Love!

I've been told many times that I am strange when I tell a mother, father, or grandmother that I can feel the babies back vibrate when he or she has gas and needs to be burped! I know, that is a little strange but I really do feel those "vibrations" or "vibes." Why is that so wierd? People will say that babies can tell a good person when they see them without even knowing them, but that doesn't sound wierd? It is the same thing! All you have to do is tune into your own feelings and truely love people. What a baby see's is the Light of Love that shines from the good person. When a person has dark or negative thoughts it dims that natural Light of the soul and doesn't shine as bright. As we grow up we don't notice those "vibes" and "Lights" that surround each other because we get so busy and stressed with daily life. We owe it to ourselves to take a break, relax, and get in touch with our own vibes and start shining our own Light of Love to our family and friends, making it a less stressful day.              


  1. Hi Mike, thanks for your visit to my blog.
    Talking about babies being able tell a good person is very true! I have gone thru 6 babies and have been "hunting" for "baby sitter" over many years. We always brought along our babies to see the potential "baby sitter" and they are the best interviewer. If my baby threw a fuss and refuse to enter the house or even let her touch, then it is a no go immediately! It is that simple.
    My understanding is that human has well developed middle brain when they are young. This middle brain was overtaken by the left and right brain as they grew up. So, they lost a lot of capabilities! I think one of them is "six senses". Talking about this, my brother is actually teaching children how to activate the mid brain. Check up his blog If you think you like to know more, please do let me know.

    I like your writing too! Keep it up. God bless and take care.

  2. Mike, this is so tue. No matter how things appear to be it's simply energy. All things visible are energy, all are a form of light. Babies are wide open; their consciousness has yet to be corrupted by adulthood. They know, as do animals, when somone gives off a positive, attractive vibe. The same is true on the flip side. That's the common thread between small children and animals; awareness of things as their consciousness doesn't get in the way.

    Ever notive how little kids don't trust certain people? Or how dogs growl at people, or attack others? Or how horses will throw off an unconfident rider? In all cases it's the negative emotions, or energies, that they've picked up on. It elicits a negative reponse in them.

  3. It's amazing how hard it is to be around a person with dark and negative thoughts all the time.

    Good post Mike.


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