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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


There is a story about the seven years of plenty during the Egyptian’s time under Joseph where they stored up a huge amount of harvest for seven years. These years were called the seven fat years because the following seven years were a time of scarcity and drought known as the seven lean years. Imagine the people who, stored nothing and just kept getting fatter and enjoying the moment, I would bet they felt a lot of remorse and regrets! This story should remind us to enjoy the fat years and to always keep the future in our mind. We should always think about our actions and never get greedy, for these pleasures will soon be just a memory. When we have plenty, we tend to take it for granted and sometimes even expect it but, we tend to learn the most when we end up in the lean years! God has given us plenty and has also given us free-will which, is one of his best gifts to us. Free-will is what separates the good from evil.
Evil will always be filled with misery and it tries to pass that misery onto others but, the good are filled with the good light which, can never be dimmed by darkness. I try to always remember that, while, those temptations from the fat years now give me the opportunity to overcome the evil ways of men while, increasing my personal growth. Today is the perfect day to start making it a habit of sharing our gifts unconditionally, without expecting anything in return.

Every time you love someone you love life and by loving life you will be truly happy! Unconditional love is the most purest kind of love, there is the love that parents have for their children, a love that a brother or a sister share, and the love a happily married couple share. It is a love that can be tested but never broken. Unconditional love wants to share and doesn’t expect anything in return. The best part of the year for me is Christmas morning when I can watch children and loved ones’ opening their gifts and to see that excitement in their eyes and hear it in their voices when opening a gift that they really wanted. I have more fun watching their reactions than I do opening my gifts, this is what unconditional love feels like when you simply help someone to enjoy a fun filled day.  (From my second book - Life in a Week - What is Spirituality?)

Be yourself... Be happy and make a difference... Mike

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