Life in a Week... A Book About Being Really Happy and Life in a Week... What Is Spirituality are two of my creations that I wanted to share with the world. I feel we all have a story to tell but, more importantly we feel blessed when we can put a smile on someones face! I hope my stories inspire you to do just that with the ones whom are closest to you!

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Move those bodies...

Have you ever noticed how great you feel after taking a walk, playing basketball, or even just shopping? It’s a great feeling to move around and get our bodies going. Exercise is the natural way to let our positive feelings loose and to transform the moods we are in. When I get in a grumpy mood, the first thing I do is take a deep breath in and hold it for a few seconds, then I let it out slowly. I do this four or five times to get my lungs moving and to let the fresh air into my body while picturing the negativity flowing out of me with every exhale. This causes the endorphins in our bodies to begin to wake up and stretch. Now is the key time to take a quick walk even if it’s just parking farther away from the building or store. Those few extra steps eventually add up and will give us an extra minute to just breathe and get more exercise. This is a great time of year to get our bodies moving and take in some fresh air to rid us of the 'winter blues' Spring is in the air and just as the flowers, plants, and nature is flourishing so should our happy thoughts and good vibes. Everyday is a fresh start to let our love shine along with the warm air and cool breezes...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Get a hearing aid or run into the traffic!

I meet a lot of people everyday and I try to remember that people always project to others what they feel about themselves. I was talking to a woman today who would not make eye contact and talked very low. When I asked her if she would speak up because I have a hard time hearing sometimes she literally screamed at me to get a hearing aid or run into the traffic! WOW. I didn't know what to do or say so I just asked her if she needed a hug (and that is hard for me because I am not a touchy feely kind of person usually...especially once I quit drinking). She grabbed her coffee and walked outside, I too was leaving and headed for my car. When I got into the car she walked over and said she was sorry and told me that the doctor just told her that she is deaf in her left ear and would loose all her hearing by the time she was 40! She felt guilty because she would not be able to hear her babies voice in a short time. I told her that I believe guilt is taught to us as children and it is not natural, it is hell. Guilt is a horrible feeling to carry with us needlessly. Many of us are filled with that guilt and accept it as right when it is actually wrong! Take a step back, look at every situation, and always be happy for what we have even if it is for a limited time. Leave the judging up to God, for we should not judge anyone, just care and love unconditionally! My point here is that I am glad I didn't just get snotty back or get defensive because that would have just hurt both of us. The old saying "keep your mouth shut unless you have something nice to say" comes to mind! Have a fun week, Mike

Monday, March 8, 2010

Be careful of the wolf in sheep skin!

We all want to be happy and live a peaceful life but every once in a while a wolf will come along disguised as a sheep! The sheep is gentle, kind, and loving but in time you find that your good nature has been taken advantage of. You find that the sheep has been clawing away at your good nature while all along trying to destroy you. The sheep was really a big, bad wolf trying to use your peaceful nature as a weakness, not knowing that Love is much more powerful than anger, hate, and deception. The wolf was really just a lonely, sad, and angry soul who is only happy when others are brought to its level. I believe all people are good by nature but we sometimes take rockier paths in life and become lost. We tend to panic when we are lost because we are not in control of where we are going and don't want to end up somewhere scary, foggy, and lonely! It is at that point that we must choose the path we want to walk down and know that we make our own decisions in life and must live with the results. We must realize that it is foolish to blame the outcome on others, as we chose the path. When we pretend to be something we are not we are only hurting ourselves, but when we are deceived by wolves in sheep skin we become stronger knowing that the wolf didn't have any power over you because you were filled with the natural light of Love that blinded the wolf's angry vision. Do not let the wolfs addiction slow you down on your happy trail in life, keep the peaceful spirit and loving thoughts in your heart and you will never have to fear that mean wolf. Life is about how we handle challenges, what we learn from those challenges, and how we treat others in our daily lives. Always try to help others and you will be surrounded by Love, but when you come across an angry wolf who tries to hurt you remember not to bend down to its level so it can bite you in the face. Just slowly back away from it, hope the best for it, and move on so you can surround yourself with the family and friends that love and care for you unconditionally.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Why I wrote Life In A Week!

I wrote this book for a few reasons, but the most important was to help people like me with the day-to-day drama that exists in their lives. At a young age, I realized that most of this drama is unnecessary and for the most part, they are just illusions in our own heads. I love to read good books and found that most self-help and spiritual books are written by doctors, misisters, and professors. Well, I am none of the above. I wrote this book with people like me in mind-people who want to read a good book that is helpful, funny, and easy to understand whether they are fifteen or ninety-five years old. I purposely left the clinical terms and fancy jargon out of this book. I wanted to create a book that made you feel like you were having a conversation with a friend rather than with a counselor. I am an average guy who believes in the American dream, his family, his friends, and the idea that all people are good. It seems that sometimes we just take the rockier paths in life. We all have choices and that's what makes life interesting. The answer to every question that we have is already inside of us. We just need to be reminded of that and I hope this book will be a helpful reminder. I truly believe that we are all connected on some level and that we should try to help each other out. Another reason I wrote this book was because I was looking for a hobby that would help me relax after working hard all day. I tried wood working, drawing, and stained glass. I didn't stick to any of them though because I didn't feel fulfilled by them. It doesn't matter what you do, but how you do it that really matters. I found writing to be both relaxing and rewarding. Anything you do with good intentions in your heart is always worthwhile, and that's why I stuck with writing. I figured if you take even one reminder from my book and get something good from it, I would feel fulfilled, blessed, and happy! I have been receiving some wonderful emails and letters from all over the world with people telling me about their own situations and how they coped with addictions, losses, and changes. I feel so blessed that in all of those conversations that I am being told my writing has helped in some way, even if it is by giving a few extra giggles or that I was able to remind them that we are never alone, we have each other! THANK YOU so much for also reminding me of that! Have fun, Mike

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A compaint free world!

I was talking with my brother Bob and he gave me a bracelet that he got from church that says "A complaint free". I haven't done my research on it yet but have have been wearing the bracelet for three days and am having a more challenging time than I thought I would with keeping with the challenge. How it works is, you put it on and wear it for 21 days and ANY time you start to complain, gossup, or talk negative you MUST switch the bracelet to your other arm and start over on your days! WOW, I am back on day one again and I thought I was pretty optomistic... I think it is a great idea for Lent or for everyday life, imagine a world without the gossup, the grouchiness, the rudeness and with more laughter and Love! It is possible and it is what we make of it, so have a FUN day filled with that joy and goodwill! Day #1 still, can you even beleive that??!!

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