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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Why I wrote Life In A Week!

I wrote this book for a few reasons, but the most important was to help people like me with the day-to-day drama that exists in their lives. At a young age, I realized that most of this drama is unnecessary and for the most part, they are just illusions in our own heads. I love to read good books and found that most self-help and spiritual books are written by doctors, misisters, and professors. Well, I am none of the above. I wrote this book with people like me in mind-people who want to read a good book that is helpful, funny, and easy to understand whether they are fifteen or ninety-five years old. I purposely left the clinical terms and fancy jargon out of this book. I wanted to create a book that made you feel like you were having a conversation with a friend rather than with a counselor. I am an average guy who believes in the American dream, his family, his friends, and the idea that all people are good. It seems that sometimes we just take the rockier paths in life. We all have choices and that's what makes life interesting. The answer to every question that we have is already inside of us. We just need to be reminded of that and I hope this book will be a helpful reminder. I truly believe that we are all connected on some level and that we should try to help each other out. Another reason I wrote this book was because I was looking for a hobby that would help me relax after working hard all day. I tried wood working, drawing, and stained glass. I didn't stick to any of them though because I didn't feel fulfilled by them. It doesn't matter what you do, but how you do it that really matters. I found writing to be both relaxing and rewarding. Anything you do with good intentions in your heart is always worthwhile, and that's why I stuck with writing. I figured if you take even one reminder from my book and get something good from it, I would feel fulfilled, blessed, and happy! I have been receiving some wonderful emails and letters from all over the world with people telling me about their own situations and how they coped with addictions, losses, and changes. I feel so blessed that in all of those conversations that I am being told my writing has helped in some way, even if it is by giving a few extra giggles or that I was able to remind them that we are never alone, we have each other! THANK YOU so much for also reminding me of that! Have fun, Mike

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  1. Thanks for visiting my site! Your book looks really good, I look forward to reading your post!
    Thanks, Brandy!


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