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Saturday, October 2, 2010


Every day we make choices in our life. Choices big or small, important or unimportant, we are faced with these choices every minute of our waking hours. When we choose one thing, we are usually giving up something else. We are usually quite good at making these daily choices because we learn from our past mistakes and hopefully are surrounded by people who love us unconditionally. We know that we all make mistakes and are not by any means perfect! Today will bring us a number of occasions to help each other or to hurt one another. It will be our choice to make. A simple word can help a person to gain the strength needed to get out of a difficult situation where hope is lost or can be the frightening discouragement that will be a deciding factor of suicide due to shame, fear, and lack of hope. Fear wears many faces in life. If we fear work, we are lazy, if we fear future disgrace it is shamefacedness, if we fear present disgrace it is shame. We have these emotions of fear because we may feel that we are unable to cope with our lives, we feel paralyzed or powerless to the outcome of the situations, and that fear may prevent us from acting for our own good. Where there is fear there will also be anger and we need to remember that anger is a mixed passion. Anger will always seek vengeance for some damage that has been done, it implies a comparison between the damages done and the vengeance sought. When a person feels these emotions and is living through a difficult situation where he or she feels hopeless and ashamed the split second decision might be to just end it all and leave it behind; suicide. Our fast paced days and nights cause so much stress and feelings of being overwhelmed by competition, peer pressures, being accepted, and achieving both our own goals and goals that are put on us by society and our loved ones. If I were to fail to live up to these goals, pressures, and everyday competitions I might have self doubts about whom I am or what I was doing, but if I were antagonized, bullied, or made fun of, it could push me over that edge to the thoughts of “who cares” or “screw it, they are just going to make fun of me!” There are times in everyone’s lives where we are challenged and feel weak, no matter how strong we may be! I know that in my own life I have had many difficult choices to make but I am blessed to surrounded by loving and caring people who love me for whom I am and not what I achieve. We need to try to be there for everyone in our lives, we need to visit more often, and to take the time to ask how they are doing, but, more importantly is to actually listen to the answers! We need to stop judging one another and leave that up to God! Every day there are hundreds of suicides, suicides that could have been avoided if someone took the time to look into that kids eye or hold that senior citizens hand, or given a simple hug! Why is it that we find it so hard to show love but, so easy to laugh when we see someone hit their funny bone or slip on the wet grass or a banana peel? I just read a scary statistic that one in four of every gay or lesbian teenager has thought about suicide at least a dozen times! One in eight elderly persons in an assisted living home has thought or even asked for help in assisting in their own suicides! There are many difficulties in our lives, many chances for failure, and many evils that may work against our own greater good. The key is to help one another to achieve, to feel loved, and to be accepted. We must stop the hatred and the bullying that create a feeling of despair. If you see someone who looks sad or lonely take a moment to cheer them up, even if you walk away thinking that you didn’t help; trust me. You did! Learn to accept each others differences and love that we are so unique because, this is what makes’ it such a great world to live in. When someone feels so depressed that they forget what a great world it is, show them with Love and a few kind words. Always know that your efforts can and will help if you let it! If you suspect someone is suicidal take the time to talk to him or her, seek out the proper help needed, and show that you truly care. If you are feeling depressed or suicidal take that first step to get help, know that you are unique and that no one else is exactly like you, and that you are loved! Suicide is never the answer, what may seem unbearable today will pass, even though it may not seem so today! There will be many challenges and obstacles in life but you are so much stronger than they are, you are worth every minute of effort and you are filled with the beauty and strength of God and always remember that you are here for a reason. It is not important to know what that reason is as none of us actually know the answer to that, but what is important is that you know that we are all connected through love and together we can become stronger and happier! Together we can get through the tough times and start to enjoy the good times again. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and picture the best time of your life. Try to feel and smell the air that was there at that time, listen to what is surrounding you. Now open your eyes and take a second look at what is surrounding you and give it a chance, notice the smells, the air, and the sounds. Just know that there is much more good than bad and you really are a great person who has so much love to offer!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I do beleive that I have something to offer by the grace of God.


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