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Saturday, October 9, 2010


In my last posting I wrote about all the noise that is around us, today I am writing about the noise that is inside our heads! We are constantly in a hurry to get somewhere, anywhere, it seems except, where we are! Why is that? Are we worried about missing something or are we feeling like we need to fill an empty spot in our life? Sometimes we are anxious to make a good impression, to have many friends, and to feel esteemed. Yes, these things are natural and are good to an extent but, to seek them too intently is dangerous. Too often we are judged by our failures and weaknesses and not by our efforts and ideals, this is why it is foolish to fix our hearts on the approval of what others think of us. By doing so we are causing ourselves a lot of noise in our own heads! Sometimes it is easier to just avoid the attention and to enjoy the quiet solitude and sometimes it is simply needed in order to stay healthy. I enjoy writing about issues in my life and how I try to become a better friend to everyone who surrounds me but, it has consequences too. I have been told on multiple occasions “Mike, be careful what you are putting on the site because it may hurt your career” or “Mike why would you write that you were a drunkard for many years? Don’t you know that you won’t ever live that down and people will only judge you?” I am grateful for the advice and listen carefully when it is given to me and I agree to some extent. The way I feel is, if you are always honest about what you are doing, where you have been, and where you are, then, you will never have to have that constant chatter in your head worrying about someone thinking suspect of you or not accepting you for whom you are. If they do, it won’t matter because you will be able to lay your head on your pillow at night knowing that you did the best that you could at the present time and will have the self-respect that is key to living a good life. A while back I was talking with an elderly woman who was very ill and she told me that the key to living a peaceful life is actually quite simple! It doesn’t matter how rich, powerful, attractive, or popular you are, just remember the plain truth about yourself and throw away all your foolish pride. So often people consider themselves to be better than their neighbors because of money, some talent they have, or circumstances in their lives but, forgetting that time changes everything! We all will hopefully grow old, lose some hair, maybe a few teeth, and start losing our muscular strengths. That is part of life, what really matters is that we do as much good in our daily lives while never becoming proud of our deeds! If you consider yourself better than others, you are certainly a fool! No matter how angry you may get, never let a hurtful word out of your mouth. If troubles come to you, do not let them disturb you because it will only fill your head with nonsense. Her words taught me to work on my dark thoughts, my dirty words spoken, and to be careful as to what I say while in a heated situation. Her words of wisdom from living ninety one healthy years of a good life made me realize I have A LOT to learn! Today is a good day to slow down our inner noise and to take notice in the goodness that surrounds us and a lot of that noise will diminish on its own!


  1. don't forget about the way we judge ourselves on our failures and not our efforts and ideals... that causes a lot of noise in my head! Great writing, Mike.

  2. wow, what an awesome blog...... its almost like you read my mind....... you didn't did you........


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