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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Crooked teeth but perfect smile!

We have the ability and strength to make choices every minute of our lives. By nature we are strong, good, and loving. When we were little kids we only thought about the moment. Up until we are about four or five years old we don't even understand the concept of time. As children we didn't care about yesterday and were not concerned with tomorrow. That is why we naturally laughed at anything and everything at that age. We were not concerned with who has crooked teeth, a fat belly, or the expensive sweater on! Kids will easily remind us that we worry about silly things that won't even matter in five years, so lets take a breather, stretch to the sky and relax for an extra few deserve it! Have some fun today.


  1. I'd still be happier if my teeth and smile weren't crooked ;-)

  2. That's so true. Kids live for the day, we worry about tomorrow, and of course that tends to ruin the "now".

    There again it's often our kids the ruin the day anyway!! :D


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