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Monday, June 25, 2012

Good Deeds...

Our fast paced days and nights cause so much stress and feelings of being overwhelmed by competition, peer pressures, being accepted, and achieving both our own goals and goals that are put on us by society and our well meaning loved ones. If I were to fail to live up to these goals I might have self doubts about who I am or what I am doing. There are times in each of our lives that we feel challenged or weak, no matter how strong we are. We should always remember that our thoughts create realities and what we think we can do is possible. We must follow our instincts and go for what we believe is good.

There are many people who are struggling to make ends meet, struggling to put food on the table, and even a roof over the heads of the ones who need it most; kids. Today I ask that every one of us take a moment to think of a way to help someone who is in need of some help. Many are not willing to ask for help because they feel they can do it or have to much pride. Remember that the best deeds are done when they are un-noticed by our niegbors. Do something good today to help someones tomorrow.


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