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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Are you Happy?

How are you looking at your life? Are you happy with the decisions you’ve made so far? Are you looking to change your future for the better? Well, these are great questions that we should be asking ourselves an a daily basis! We should realize that today is a gift and tomorrow is going to be a reflection of today. So, the key to true happiness is realizing that we decide what happens in our lives. Forget about bad decisions of yesterday or even of this morning; work on doing better and making today a better day.

So often we try to put blame on others for our misfortunes or shortcomings. Today is the day to buckle up and go on the fun ride which is your life. Yes, you may hit a few bumps along the way but don’t let that slow you down. Enjoy the bumps, smile, laugh, and be engaged in the moment. Your thoughts and reactions have the ability to change your life, while at the same time sharing great times and memories with the ones that you love. Life is a journey, don’t get caught up in the little dramas because you won’t be able to concentrate on the fun and happy road of life....

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