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Saturday, August 27, 2011

In Dead Eyes

In Dead Eyes

You live for a while
Most don't know what there is after death.
We all have every answer we need inside
Sometimes you see it
If you are lucky you will be it
before it's death.

If you have seen life through dead eyes
you will know that if you do everything you have to
then dead eyes aren't so bad...

Just know you have to show love, smiles and be true to everyone now
because Dead Eyes dont make appointments to see you.... 
Be yourself...Be Real
...Trust me on this!     

I wrote this when I was thirteen years old because I was depressed but, now I realize that I was looking for some answers... I realize now that even at that young age that I was trying to answer some of lifes biggest mysteries. This little poem reminds me that we will never have all the answers but we will have the questions! Keep asking them... Life is about learning, Loving, and being True to who we are, worry about tonight and let tomorrow be out of site because the futue is ...what we make of it.

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