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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Relationships are tricky!

<>Relationships are always tricky. Good relationships don't happen by accident and must be consciously built, you will always have to take into consideration the person at the other end of the relationship. To start with, some people are not going to interpret your personality as you see it. You are going to have to be sensitive enough to determine who these people are, and then you must build a good relationship with them on an individual basis. It is not easy to change a cool relationship to a warm one, yet you cannot afford to allow it to remain in an unhealthy state. You should take some extra effort to build it into a stronger relationship. To build a stronger relationship, remember that she (or he) sees you differently than anyone else or how you might even see yourself! A really good friend of mine told me that "it isn't all about you" and that is so true when building life long relationships... (Change 'me' to 'we')

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  1. Changing "me" to "we" sums it all up. When we focus on what we share as a couple, as friends, as a workplace team, and appreciate what each person is bringing to the relationship, everyone wins.


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