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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bullies! Why?

I was just at one of my friends’ blogs reading her story about 'bullies' and could not help but get a little angry! She wrote about the bullies in school and how it affects the kid getting bullied. It brought back fond memories from my school days. I was lucky to have a few older brothers who were much bigger than me, so I didn't have a problem with getting bullied, plus I like to think that I was just so easy going that no one wanted to bother me (no, I think it was my brothers). I remember sticking up and even getting into fights trying to help classmates who were getting bullied. My Dad always used to say that "if someone is picking on you they are just jealous” and it stuck with me! I truly believe that we treat others how we feel about ourselves. As kids (and even as adults) if we feel insecure or afraid we will lash out on others whom we feel are weaker! This is a sad thought, but one that we all must think about. We need to teach kids about love, respect, and friendship by showing it in our actions, teaching it in daily habits, and helping others who may be different from us. I never really cared about being “cool” or “popular” because I was lucky enough to have parents who taught me that quality doesn’t come in quantity! We are blessed to have a few true friends in this life, we are lucky to have the opportunity to teach by example, and we are required to treat each other with respect! It is our duty to be vigilant when it comes to stopping useless bullying that will scar for a lifetime. The best way to stop this behavior is to sit down and talk to kids about this issue before it becomes a problem. We must remember that we all strive for attention from one another, most times if we don’t get it we will act up in order to get attention, because bad attention is better than no attention at all (or so we think). Think about how many times while growing up that we would not bother our Moms for hours on end, BUT once she answered the phone we would start screaming or asking her questions while she was trying to have a conversation with someone on the other end; this was to get her attention because all of a sudden it wasn’t focused on us! There are to many suicides, drug addictions, alcohol abuses, and depressed people in our own towns, let alone the world that happens because of low self esteem, feeling alone, or even unacceptable. We can all make a difference just by teaching more compassion to everyone who is around us and even complementing someone when they go the extra mile for someone who may have needed that extra smile or helping hand. Try to make it a habit to focus on the good and don’t assume that your kids, family, or friends know that you love them unconditionally; remind them with a few extra hugs, a smile, and maybe even say it! “I Love You!”

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